Village Directory

If you have any questions regarding FOIA requests, please contact the FOIA Officers.

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Directory Listings

Village President

Martin J. McLaughlin
Fritz Gohl, Pro-Tem

Trustees  [Committee]

Fritz Gohl
  [Public Safety]
Joseph S. Messer
  [Building & Zoning]
Colleen Konicek Hannigan
  [Planning, Personnel]
Patty Meroni
  [Roads & Bridges]
Karen S. Selman
Michael Harrington
  [Insurance, Health, Environment, Building & Grounds]

Chief of Police

Richard Semelsberger, Acting
TBA, Deputy Chief

Director of Administration

Robert Kosin
Wendi Frisen, Manager Municipal Services

Village Clerk

Dolores G. Trandel
Anna Paul, Deputy

Village Treasurer

Rosemary N. Ryba
TBA, Auditors

Village FOIA/OMA Officers

Robert Kosin, Administrative
Certified FOIA Officer
   112 Algonquin Road
   Barrington Hills, IL   60010-5199
Wendi Frisen, Administrative
Certified OMA Officer
   112 Algonquin Road
   Barrington Hills, IL   60010-5199
JoAnne Gumprecht, Police
Certified FOIA Officer
Certified OMA Officer
   112 Algonquin Road
   Barrington Hills, IL   60010-5199

Village Attorney

Patrick K. Bond, Acting
John Clark, Prosecutor

Building Officer

Don Schuman, Code Enforcement Officer
Dan Strahan, P.E., Septic
Gerald K. Bunting R.A., Plan Review
Jim Schroder, Building Inspector

Village Engineer

Dan Strahan, P.E.

Heritage and Environs Committee

P. Denise Israel, Chairman
Lorraine Briggs
Donato Cantalupo
Daniel Mjolsness
Jan C. Goss
Jennifer Kainz
Lisa Gabriel
Gary Gabriel

Michael Harrington - Trustee Liaison
Sgt. Dave Kann - Police Liaison

Communications Committee

Linda Fox, Chairman
Barbara Kemp, Vice Chairman
Laura Ekstrom
Victoria Kelly
Mary Beth Holsteen
Karen S. Selman - Trustee Liaison
Patty Meroni - Trustee Liaison
Alice Runvik - Police Liaison

Equestrian Commission

Emily F. McHugh, Chairman
Bruce Pfaff, Recording Secretary
Jane L. Clement
John J. Pappas, Sr.
Patti Fahey

Karen S. Selman - Trustee Liaison

Board of Health

Dr. Gwynne H. Johnston, Chairman
Frank J. Konicek, M.D., Vice Chairman
Anne L. Majewski, M.D.
Shirley Conibear, M.D.
Michael Harrington - Trustee Liaison
Dan Strahan, P.E. - Village Engineer

Plan Commission

Kenneth W. Bosworth, Chairman
Patrick Hennelly, Vice Chairman
Lou Anne Majewski, Secretary
Kelly Mazeski
Julie Joyce
R. Daryl Adams
Pamela Cools
Arnold Cernik

Colleen Konicek Hannigan - Trustee Liaison
Fritz Gohl - Trustee Liaison
Gerald Callaghan - Special Counsel
Dan Strahan, P.E. - Village Engineer
Anna Paul - Director of Communications

Zoning Board of Appeals

Judith K. Freeman, Chairman
Kurt Anderson
Karen Rosene
Clark Benkendorf
David Stieper
Richard Chambers
Daniel Wolfgram

Joseph S. Messer - Trustee Liaison

Police Pension Fund Board

Gary Hammelman, President
(TBA) Vice President
Todd Borck, Secretary
  FOIA Officer
  OMA Officer
Chris Krzysko, Trustee
George Panos, Trustee

Alex Fernandez, Trustee
Nanci N. Rodgers, Attorney

Emergency Telephone System Board E911

George Moser, Chairman
Martin J. McLaughlin
Richard Semelsberger
Fritz Gohl
JoAnne Gumprecht
Patrick J. Hennelly
Karen Selman

If you would like to make a request for the inspection and/or copying of public records, please see the Village's instructions for making a FOIA request at the following link.

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