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Roads CLOSED to Overweight Traffic Monday February 27

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On February 24, 2017

Beginning Monday, February 27 Village maintained roads will be closed to all traffic over 10 tons (20,000 lbs.).

Why does the Village “close” the roads?
This time of the year the weather can wreck havoc on roads. Water seeps into and below roads, the freezing and thawing that follows can damage the road. When you add heavy vehicles, the roads take such a beating that not closing the roads could lead the Village to having to replace them twice as quickly then when we close them.

The bottom-line is that we would have to spend a lot more (tax payer) $$$ repairing and resurfacing roads if we didn’t close them.

Who decides when to close the roads?
The Board of Trustees passes a Resolution based on our Engineers recommendation for date of closing.

How long are they going to be closed?
That depends on mother nature. Once again the Village Engineer will advise the Board when he believes it is the optimal time to restore the normal 18 tons (36,000 lbs.) weight limit. BUT it will not exceed 90 days, so the absolute latest the roads could be reopened is May 28th, but we don’t anticipate having to keep them closed that long.

Want to know as soon as the restriction is lifted?

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