Spring Break is Around the Corner. How Prepared Are you?

Spring Break is Around the Corner. How Prepared Are you?

Spring Break is Around the Corner. How Prepared Are you?

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On March 21, 2023

Your tickets are purchased, and your reservations are made.  But what about appearances?

No, this isn’t about what to pack but about how your home will appear to others while you’re gone.  Thwart burglars by deterring them from an obviously unoccupied home. 


Here are some ideas:

💡 Set interior and exterior lights on timers. 

  Don’t broadcast on social media your vacation plans or where you are while on vacation.

 ✅ Check doors and windows to be sure they are locked…Yes, sometimes it’s so obvious that it doesn’t get done!

🔔 Set the alarm!  It doesn’t work when it’s not activated.


🛑 Stop newspapers and mail delivery or arrange for someone to regularly pick them up, including delivered packages!

🔑 Do not leave spare keys outdoors. Everyone knows about the fake rock and the hide-away mat.

🔓 Disconnect your garage door.  Depending on the model, garage doors can sometimes be opened by universal remotes.  If your garage door has a manual lock, use it!


  Maintain your curtains and blinds.  If you normally leave them open for most of the day, then plan to do that while you’re gone.  Closing your window treatments when they are normally open may draw more attention to your absence.

 🚙 Leave a car parked in your driveway…but remove items such as the garage door opener, portable GPS, key fobs, etc.

 ✈  If you park your car at the airport, remove the garage door opener and documents with your address.  It’s a good idea to change your car’s GPS Home Setting so it leads to a random address, for example, a shopping mall. 

And, most importantly…


Before leaving, notify VBHPD that you will be away by requesting a house watch. Patrol officers will conduct periodic checks of the perimeter and verify there is nothing unusual occurring on or about your premises.

Happy and safe travels!