Learning About Local Government

Learning About Local Government

Learning About Local Government

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On March 17, 2023

President Brian D. Cecola had another spectacular session with D220’s 7th graders, this time at Station Middle School!

The Topic: Local Government.

President Cecola engaged students in Mrs. Fisher’s and Mr. Olson’s history classes by sharing the inner workings of local government and the importance of getting involved, highlighting how Barrington Hills is slightly different from our neighboring communities and describing why.

He fielded a variety of questions ranging from trick or treating to the types of allowable structures to the use of dirt bikes.

Touching upon conservation, President Cecola shared the importance of this in our Village and how students could get involved, prompting a comment from history teacher Adam Olson, that he, too, participates in roadside cleanup in his community. (#EarthDay April 22!).

Students were especially excited to receive a takeaway: Wildflower seed packets and travel-sized hand sanitizer (#thankyou VBHPD!).

#ThankYou Barrington Area Council of Governments for the invitation and #ThankYou Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Olson for the opportunity to present to your students!

President Cecola before two seventh-grade classes at Station Middle School