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Water on Pavement Memo

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On June 13, 2019

Dear Residents:

As you may be aware, the Barrington area has experienced record-breaking precipitation, noting the wettest Mays on record (2018 & 2019). Grounds are saturated and have not had a chance to dry out. This has caused not only water pooling on private property but also on Village, County and State maintained roadways.

Donlea Road is maintained by Cook County’s Department of Highways & Transportation and has been recently closed near County Line Road for safety reasons due to flooding over the road.  The Village of Barrington Hills has no authority in Donlea’s maintenance, construction, resurfacing or other. However, the Village is invested in having the road reopened as soon as possible.  To achieve this goal, Village resources have participated with Cook County in research, engineering studies and onsite meetings.

The water on Donlea’s pavement is an extension of a private lake on the south side of the standing water. Due to the ground’s saturation, the water is following gravity to the lowest point.  No evidence has been discovered nor has research shown that the natural drainage of the lake is blocked.  Lake residents have reported they are unaware of any lake outlets and/or blockages. They, too, are being affected by the rising water.  If anyone has any information believed to be helpful, please contact the Village at 847-551-3000 or build@vbhil.gov

The Village maintains two roads that have been experiencing increased water retention during this time as well: Chapel Road and Oak Knoll.  In both circumstances, the Village is in the process to permit the work for purposes of mitigating the flooding and facilitating the flow of water to a normal level, allowing the roads to remain open for travel.

The Village of Barrington Hills is proud to be a community to embrace its rural environment which enables our residents to enjoy unique property rights, including property ownership to the center of the road.  The balance of nature provides positives as well as negatives; and when history is made–record precipitation–the Village respects the rights of the property owner. To ensure water flows freely, property owners are encouraged to ensure drainage ways are free and clear of debris, plantings and/or brush as these items block or slow the flow of water.  Drainage ways include culverts, ditches and swales.

Surface water will evaporate more quickly in drier months, which are typically July, August and September. We all must be patient and let nature take its course.  As always, feel free to contact the Village with any questions or concerns: 847-551-3000.