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PD Chief Semelsberger To Retire

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On June 7, 2019


After 30 years of service with the Village of Barrington Hills, Police Chief Richard Semelsberger has decided to hand in his badge, police gear and yes…even his handcuffs. “I am at a point in my life where I’d like to take advantage of some free time,” said Semelsberger on his retirement.

The then Barrington Hills Police Chief Robert “Bob” Lamb welcomed Semelsberger in 1989 from Florida where he attended the police academy and worked as a reserve deputy.  His impressive test scores earned him a position as an officer on our police force, and through his dedication and love of job, rose through the ranks to become Chief of Police.  “I honestly never aspired to be Chief, nor did I think it would ever happen.  I just tried to come to work every day, give 100% and do the best job possible…the rest just fell into place.”

Some would agree that this positive attitude and applauded work ethic are just a couple reasons why Chief earned several awards and commendations over these past 30 years from not only Village Officials and his Chief of Police but from peers at the county level as well.  Numerous awards of Merit, Achievement, Community Service and Life Saving are just some of the accolades presented to him.  “It’s fitting that Chief Semelsberger’s success as a law enforcement officer and leader is due to his compassion, fairness, and resolve to see the good in everyone, as well as his commitment to treating others as he would want to be treated,” said Deputy Chief Joe Colditz.

When asked what advice he has for his successor, Semelsberger responded with the ever-familiar rosy cheeks that accompany his chuckle: “Always play the department lottery pool!” In all seriousness, Chief stated there are no words of advice because he is confident in the experience that his successor will bring to the department.  He hopes the new chief will continue the path of exemplary service that has been customary under his tenure by our accredited police department; including to those who spend the night at Chez Barrington Hills (the holding cell). “I am proud that we have treated all people fairly, with dignity and respect and have had no sustained complaints of excessive force. “

One of his favorite memories is the one in which he met our community’s dispatcher some 24 years ago.  This story has a special place in his heart, so much that he has shared it with his two sons and daughter–the story of how he met their mother! “I’m indebted to the Village because this is where I met my wife and have a great family because of it…there are a lot of memorable experiences. I have been fortunate to know some incredibly kind and dedicated residents that have served on various Boards and people that I met around town.  I have also come to know a countless number of dedicated public safety professionals throughout the area and I feel truly honored to have been considered among their ranks.”

“It has been my pleasure working with such a qualified professional,” said Village President MartinMcLaughlin.  “Rich has been an advocate and protector of our peaceful and harmonious community lifestyle. On behalf of our residents, we wish Rich and his family well on his retirement and a personal thank you to him for the protection and diligence of all our Barrington Hills families and homes.”

Gandhi was quoted as saying “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” Chief, you’re living proof! 

Best wishes and congratulatory notes can be emailed to Chief at chief@barringtonhills-il.gov