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Applications and all supporting documentation should be submitted by email to

Please direct questions, applications, and submittals to the Building Department at 847-551-3003 or

For inspection requests contact B & F Code Services at 847-428-7010

Building Permit

No construction work shall be started without all applicable permits issued and all fees paid. 

Building Permit Application

Watershed Development Permit Application

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General Information

Overweight Permit

An Overweight Permit is required if vehicles over 36,000 lbs. gross weight must travel on roads maintained by the Village.

In general, Overweight Permits are suspended during the Spring freeze thaw to protect our Roads.  Since this may halt construction progress, please schedule accordingly.


All septic system plan approvals and installation inspections are done by the Village of Barrington Hills.

See informational sheets at Village Hall or contact Building Department for further information.

Call J.U.L.I.E. at 811

This three-digit number is easy to remember. In addition, callers can still contact JULIE using the toll-free number 1-800-892-0123. Notify JULIE 72 hours prior to the start of work to mark utility locations.

Please allow twenty-four hour notice for all inspections.

See sheet attached to issued building permit for the inspections required. Call B&F Construction Code Services, Inc. at (847) 428-7010 to schedule inspections.

Only “landscape waste” and “untreated wood” may be burned.

On-site supervision is required at all times. See village code for regulations on allowable open burning. In case of emergency dial 911 or information can be gained from the following:

Barrington Hills Police Department (847) 551-3006
Algonquin Fire Protection District (847) 658-8233
Barrington Fire Protection District (847) 381-2141
Carpentersville Fire Protection District (847) 426-2914
East Dundee Fire Protection District (847) 426-7521
Fox River Grove Fire Protection District (847) 639-9232


A permit from the Village is not required to replace shingles. A permit is required for any structural changes and any vehicles of 36,000 lbs. traversing Village maintained roads.

Fences can be solid up to five feet (5′) in height above natural grade level.  Fences can be up to eight feet (8′) in height where the portion of the fence between five feet (5′) and eight feet (8′) is 50% open.

A permit is not required to install a fence.

It is highly recommended to place fences several feet off your property line to limit the possibility of a property line disputes.

Tent Permit

A permit is required for the installation of tents used for commercial purposes that are over 400 sq ft in size. Tents for private residential use do not require a permit.


A permit from the Village is not required to build a shed under 200 sq. ft. that does not have electricity or plumbing. Any accessory structure no matter the size is required to abide by any and all setback requirements.

Posting Notice

This information is posted for your convenience. Confirm all information with the Village Hall in terms of accuracy and relevance at the time you require such information. Information maintained at the Village Hall is the official posting.