Water, Septic & Waste Management

Water, Septic & Waste Management

Water and Septic 

The Village does not provide water and sewer services for its residents.

Most homes in the Village have private wells and septic systems. Many homes use water softeners, iron treatment and/or reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

The Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG), some county health departments and private water companies offer water quality testing, which is recommended annually. Well tanks and pumps should also be inspected periodically. The Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals, www.iagp.org provides resources for the consumer.

Septic systems also require homeowner maintenance on a routine basis, including periodic pumping of tanks, usually every three years. County health departments can provide septic maintenance fact sheets.

Waste and Recycling

There is no municipal pickup of household waste.

There is no municipal pickup of household waste. Residents must contract individually with private waste and recycling companies. Containers, collection schedules, types of waste handled (including yard waste and manure) and recycling are established by each carrier. Services also may include appliance disposal or drop-off sites for e-waste recycling.

groot(800) 244-1977

(847) 336-9340

prairie(847) 381-9300

wm(866) 570-4702

Miscellaneous Recycling


For those miscellaneous items that can be recycled but not accepted by your contracted waste and recycling company.

✔ Packing Peanuts      ✔ Styrofoam      ✔Bubble Wrap      ✔ Cardboard      ✔ Election Signs & similar with posts      ✔ Aluminum      ✔ Steel
✔ VHS Tapes & Cases ✔ Laser Disc, 8 Tracks, etc.           
✔ Electronics , CFL/Fluorescent Bulbs and Batteries also accepted, however, there is a fee for certain items.

**Recycle wearable Shoes and Boots at Village Hall.

(847) 429-1926