Village President, Brian D. Cecola

Village President

Trustee Cecola

Brian D. Cecola

Brian Cecola has been a Barrington Hills Trustee since 2015 where he served as the Chairman of the Roads & Bridges and Public Safety Committees.  He is proud to have brought the village back on schedule for road resurfacing projects and to initiate innovative programs aimed at extending pavement life.

As Trustee, I have engaged with hundreds of residents over the past 6 years in an effort to serve my neighbors and try to bring about resolution to resident concerns, I look forwarding to continuing this dialogue as President.

I have a great appreciation for the character and heritage of Barrington Hills as both my wife and daughter are equestrians for which I support whole heartily. I have served as a board member for Barrington Fire Dept. Inc, a Firefighter for Barrington/Countryside (15 years), Barrington Lions Club President and member (20 years), President of the Fourth of July Brat Tent Committee (24 years), and Head of the Umpires Association (22 years).

The beauty and legacy of Barrington Hills is why I am choosing to serve this community on behalf of the residents. I thank the residents for placing their trust in me to lead the Village.