Conservation & Nature

Conservation, Nature & Wildlife

Barrington Hills is Dedicated to Conservation

Barrington Hills is dedicated to the preservation of open space and natural areas. We are stewards of the environment dedicated to preserving our natural surroundings for generations to come. Throughout Barrington Hills, land preservation and conservation easements are ensuring green spaces, open land, natural habitat, and rural roadways in our community well into the future. Residents and organizations have worked together with volunteers protecting and restoring wetlands, prairies, riding trails, woods, and waterways. 

The Forest Preserves of Cook County maintain over 4,722 acres of forest preserve within our Village. The vast network of natural riding trails throughout Spring Creek Forest Preserve allows one to get lost in nature while still being less than an hour away from Chicago. Crabtree Nature Center offers programs designed for children and adults to explore and appreciate nature. Weekend programs and activities include birdhouse building, fishing tournaments, snowshoeing and landscaping painting.

Conservation enthusiasts have a variety of different local organizations they can join to help our community preserve our open space and natural areas.

Bee Friendly

Bee City USA

In 2019, Village of Barrington Hills became one of the first Bee City USA affiliates in Illinois, committed to fostering ongoing awareness of the role pollinators play in communities, and supporting initiatives to provide healthy pollinator-sustaining habitats. Native pollinators are extremely important for food production and are disappearing at an alarming rate due to habitat loss, disease and inappropriate pesticide use.


Exceptional Birding 

Exceptional Birding

Barrington Hills has an extraordinary concentration of rare and threatened species residing, breeding and migrating within the village. Raptors, Hawks, Cranes, and Songbirds can be seen and heard throughout the Hills. The preservation and vigilant maintenance of natural prairies and waterways including, creeks, runs, and ponds have provided outstanding habitats for birds to breed and raise their hatchlings.

Fox River Valley is the winter haven for bald eagles which have returned to the region, an indication of the success of the restoration efforts and improvement in water quality. The rare whooping crane and the numerous sandhill cranes rattling calls echo throughout the Village.

Birds return to the area every year, appreciated and enjoyed by both residents and birders alike. Our community has been internationally recognized as an “Important Bird Area.”