Property Freedoms

Property Freedoms

Barrington Hills is a Community Where Landowners
Determine How They Enjoy Their Land

With the majority of parcels being 5-acres or larger, properties include everything from small cottages to large elegant estates. A community low in legislation and high in property rights, Barrington Hills residents can indulge their passions and interests at home. Traditional family residences border gentleman farmers, gardening enthusiasts, car collectors, and more. Privacy and tranquility are two of the hallmarks of this unique community.

Large Properties Create Endless Possibilities

While known to many as an equestrian-loving community, many Barrington Hills residents enjoy a variety of activities on their property. Throughout the year, you will find Barrington Hills residents enjoying activities such as hosting a large celebration with family and friends, enjoying a warm bonfire, taking off on a hot air balloon ride, or even setting off a grand firework display in our dark night skies. Barrington Hills is also the only local Chicagoland community where a resident can apply to build a shooting range or a sporting clays course on their own property.

Animal-loving residents can also raise creatures not allowed in other villages in the Chicago area. Barrington Hills residents are free to enjoy raising chickens, ducks, goats, alpacas, bees and all other animals allowed by the state.