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Private Well Water Testing

Private Well Water Testing

Private Well Water Testing

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On October 14, 2022

The Village participated in Barrington Area Council of Governments’ (BACOG) private well water event, testing the Village’s water supply for nitrates and harmful bacteria. It is recommended that private well owners test their well for bacteria and nitrates on a yearly basis.

President Brian Cecola joined fellow elected officials representing BACOG’s community members, together with Cook County’s Commissioner Kevin B. Morrison, who viewed a demonstration of how contaminated water can affect private wells.

Lake County Health Department’s Arnie Rapa presented the demonstration while his colleagues collected and processed the dropped-off water samples.

Residents that missed BACOT’s event can still test their well water. Village Hall has test kits available all year long. Simply pick up the kit, follow the directions and bring the water sample directly to Lake County Health Department’s environmental lab in Libertyville.

L-R: Exec. Director Kimberly Saunders (BACOG), President Karen Darch (Barrington), President Brian Cecola (Barrington Hills), Commissioner Kevin Morrison (Cook County, 15th District), President Greg Rusteberg (Deer Park), President Paula McCombie (South Barrington), Supervisor D. Robert Alberding (Barrington Township), Program Director Mary Tarpey (BACOG)