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Caring for your animals during extreme heat

Caring for your animals during extreme heat

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On August 3, 2022

Heat indices exceeding 100 degrees have been forecasted this afternoon. Remember the same precautions you take for yourself should also be taken for your pets, especially those outdoor pets that you can’t bring inside!

Caring For Animals During Extreme Heat provides comprehensive advice on caring for livestock and a variety of animals.


➡Ensure there is plenty of shade and water

➡A cold hosing

➡Put your animals in a cool barn

➡Place a fan on the animals

➡Keep barn windows and doors open to encourage a cross breeze.

➡For horses, take it easy on them. Don’t work them out. Wait for cooler temps.

“Horses sweat just like people do; they sweat out a lot of salt. A salt lick should be available to replenish and balance sodium levels and nutrients…they really do need shade or shelter. A large tree with plenty of foliage to block the sun can be sufficient,” shared Ronda Ewing, President of Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society (HARPS).


⚠Flaring nostrils

⚠Heavy breathing

⚠Eyes do not appear as bright as usual


“Gastric upset can happen anytime, sometimes related to drastic weather changes, either really hot or cold. Some horses have sensitive gut and colic can be life-threatening to a horse,” said Ewing.

If your horse is demonstrating symptoms of colic, CALL YOUR VET.

⚠If your horse is repeatedly standing up and laying down in a short period of time (showing signs of discomfort)

⚠Kicking at its underbelly

⚠Pawing at the ground

⚠Prostrating its upper lip

Visit https://harpsonline.org/ for more information.

📷 courtesy of HARPS