Cook County Looking for Election Judges & Polling Place Technicians

Cook County Looking for Election Judges & Polling Place Technicians

Cook County Looking for Election Judges & Polling Place Technicians

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On February 8, 2024

Press Release: February 8, 2024
Office of Cook County Clerk Karen A. Yarbrough

Suburban voters can do their part for democracy and earn some cash in the process by registering to serve as an Election Judge for the Cook County Clerk’s Office in the March 19, 2024, Presidential Primary Election. 

Clerk Karen Yarbrough is encouraging all residents to consider serving as an Election Judge or Polling Place Technician to work on Election Day. The pay rate for poll workers has increased to $250 for Election Judges and $400 for Polling Place Technicians, and the Clerk’s Office provides training for both positions. The Clerk’s Office is also putting out a call to encourage high school and college students to consider serving as judges. 

“Our Judges are the gatekeepers for election operations and their work is critically important to keeping Election Day running smoothly,” said Yarbrough. “They are also the unsung heroes of our democratic process who provide a vital public service to voters leading up to and on Election Day.” 

The two poll worker positions available include:

  • Election Judge: These judges greet voters, sign them in, and work together to ensure the polling place is running smoothly and voters are properly served. This position earns $250.
  • Polling Place Technician: Technicians work with Election Judges to check supplies and equipment and assist with the setup, maintenance, and breakdown of election equipment. Due to the additional equipment responsibilities, Polling Place Technicians receive additional training and earn $400.

Election Judges must be a registered Cook County voter or an eligible college or high school student (16 or older). The Clerk’s Office is also in need of bilingual Election Judges in many precincts with high concentrations of Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Tagalog, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Gujarati, Urdu, and Arabic-speaking voters who are not proficient in English and may need special assistance at the polls. 

Anyone who wishes to serve as an Election Judge is encouraged to apply online at