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The Hills Are Alive 2021

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9th Annual The Hills Are Alive Fall Festival Webpage.

The whistle of the wind through the autumn foliage …the blades of grass dancing in the breeze… and glimpses of various hues of green, yellow and orange in the Prairie along the Hills are, once again, the focus as one enters Village Hall grounds following this past weekend’s spirited 9th Annual The Hills Are Alive Fall Festival.  

More than 500 friends and neighbors came out to enjoy the afternoon taking in the sights, sounds, and charismatic environment pleasing all the five senses. Festgoers were greeted at the entrance with fall-inspired décor and volunteers who shared the afternoon’s events, followed by a warm welcome from President Brian Cecola who highlighted new features at the fest and thanked the Village’s many donors, sponsors and volunteers. 

Gleeful cheers from our younger visitors could be heard throughout the grounds as they participated in the many featured activities. Scales ‘N Tales Traveling Animal Zoo cajoled many shrieks of delight as participants of all ages began the afternoon claiming their straw bale and coveted front row seats in anticipation of interacting with the guests of honor:

    • Waffle and Pancake (Chinchillas)
    • Chicken McNuggets (Baby Chicks)
    • Eliot (African Sulcata Tortoise)
    • Fiona (Armadillo)
    • Uncle Mandua (Ant Eater)
    • Xena (Sloth)
    • Buho (Barn Owl)

Beckoning the olfactory senses, was the Fest’s featured cuisine–A Taste of Italy–prepared by One Life Kitchen, Pyrovore Chef Services and Primo Pizza & Catering. Aromas from the mouthwatering porchetta with pesto topping, grilled peppers ‘n onions smothered Italian sausage nestled in freshly made polenta; and cracker-crust made-to-order pizzas not only filled the air but tantalized the tastebuds!

Guests were cooled down from Sunday’s warm temperatures by partaking in Sweet Spot of Barrington’s Italian Ice and other treats, iced coffee creations by Pepper Park Coffee or by one of the many libations sponsored by NakedWines.com, generously bartended by Barrington Lions Club.

The wine tasting sponsored by One Life Kitchen Wine Club entertained a crowd of tasters, who while learning about the selections, enjoyed the bouquet, body and finish of each featured Italian wine.

Sons of Bildor harmonized and strummed their way into everyone’s hearts, performing genre favorites inducing our festgoers to break out into song and dance!

It didn’t end there! Heartstrings were pulled by Soul Harbour Ranch’s therapy animals.  Cupcake and Creampuff, mini therapy horses, welcomed visitors with a nuzzle. Children had the opportunity to give a giant hug to these gentle minis.  Darling Dakota, Soul Harbour’s therapy dog, attentively kept watch and ensured she got some lovin’ as well!

Adults got in on the fun, too! Multigenerational families participated in the…ahem… “children’s activities”! So great to see!

  • The DIY birdhouse tent was filled the entire afternoon with junior carpenters and decorators, together with their parents and grandparents, creating new homes for feathered friends.
  • Waves of Ginormous Bubbles overtook the skies in efforts to float past the throngs of both waiting children and adults alike, to catch or pop these soapy marvels. Needless to say, they didn’t get far!
  • Proving that we are all kids at heart, young and old awaited to meet ‘n greet the medley of animals—farm and exotic—sponsored by the Barrington Hills Park District. 
  • Hats, animals and cartoon characters were just some of the balloon creations twisted into favorite take-home favors.  

A surprise attraction was the live streaming of the Bears game and Sunday Football!  Not only did the Bears earn a W that day but so did Trustee David Riff for utilizing his Denali’s MultiPro tailgate to power the 75” screen to our football fans’ delight. Woop! Woop!

No denying it…always a big attraction is our very own Police Department and Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District.   Honorary deputies and junior firefighters delightfully inspected the fire truck and police units warranting a photo opportunity with our first responders.

ComEd, Crabtree Nature Center, Barrington Area Volunteer Connection, Citizens for Conservation and Barrington Area Conservation Trust entertained crowds with stunning interactive exhibits educating our visitors in a fun way.



A person who needs no introduction is Barrington Area’s own Bob Lee, who dedicates himself to capturing the soul of our community and tells a story through his camera lens. Our story couldn’t be shared as effectively without his visual tale.





A summary would not be complete without acknowledging the dedication of so many individuals and organizations that made this fest a success. The contributions of volunteers, sponsors, donors and everyone who came out Sunday afternoon perfected the formula for a successful event.  It couldn’t happen without you and for that, the Village thanks you!


Mark your calendar for September 2022.  We’ll do it all again! See you there!





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