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May – Welcome to Monarch Month

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On May 1, 2020

Happy May and Welcome to Monarch Month!

The month of May of each year is designated as  Monarch Month to be observed throughout the State as a month to honor the monarch butterfly, which is the official State insect of the State of Illinois. (For additional State Commemorative Dates, visit the Illinois General Assembly General Provisions webpage  5ILCS 490 State Commemorative Dates Act). 

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has a beautiful comprehensive webpage, Monarch Mania!, providing detailed information about monarchs and preserving their population…plus so much more information. Plan an outdoor field trip or plant your own pollinator garden.  Garden centers and conservation organizations can help guide you.  

Barrington Area Conservation Trust has done the legwork and made it easy to order native perennial collections, preserving the monarchs & pollinators! Visit their site for more info: bactrust.org.  

Let’s all pitch in to protect these beautiful creatures!