• Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On January 17, 2024
Over 300 new Illinois laws in 2024. Click here for the complete list.

Among them are the following:

HB 1540 Prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes in public places and within 15 feet of entrances.

HB1186 Clarifies that patients enrolled in a HMO may access in-network services and providers without necessitating a referral from a primary care physician before obtaining specialty services.

HB 1384 Requires HMOs, Medicaid, and individual and group policies to cover medically necessary reconstructive surgeries to restore one’s physical appearance that was damaged by trauma

HB 1197 Raises the 12-month contribution amount at which charitable organizations must file a written report with the attorney general from $300,000 to $500,000.

HB 1199 Establishes October as Italian Heritage Month.

HB 2094 Prohibits sending marketing materials sent from a mortgage company that is not affiliated with the individual consumer’s mortgage company.

HB 2123 Creates a cause for legal action against individuals creating digitally forged material with intent to
distribute and cause harm.

HB 2317 Lowers the fee for annual resident, $5, and non-resident, $10, fishing licenses for those 26 or older who have not purchased a fishing license in 10 or more years

HB 2431 Provides that a person may not operate a motor vehicle while using an electronic communication device to participate in any video conference or access any social media site.

HB 2493 Provides two weeks of unpaid leave for employees whose family or household member was killed in a crime of violence

HB 2503 Codifies an agreement that allows community colleges to share the career and technical education programs of each institution and provide students with access to programs that might otherwise be unavailable to the student in their home community college district

HB 2799 Allows insurance coverage for cancer treatment using proton beam therapy. An insurer cannot apply a higher standard of clinical evidence for the coverage of proton beam therapy than it would for any other form of radiation treatment therapy.

HB 3203 Permits pharmacists and retailers to sell fentanyl strips to the public over-the-counter to test for the presence of fentanyl, fentanyl analogue, or a drug adulterant within a controlled substance.

HB 3707 Requires that the Illinois Commerce Commission post a notice of administrative citations against a towing company and the outcome of those citations on the commission’s website.

HB 3808 Clarifies that cable and video local service franchise fees do not apply to the providers of satellite
television and streaming services.

HB 3809 Requires that group and individual accident and health insurance policies provide coverage for children who have been diagnosed with any disease, syndrome, or disorder that includes low tone neuromusclar impairments, neurological impairments or cognitive impairments.

SB 0040 Creates the Electric Vehicle Charging Act which requires newly constructed single-family homes and constructed or renovated multi-unit residential buildings to include electric vehicle charging systems.

SB 0328 Requires businesses to give clear notice to a consumer before a contract is automatically renewed.

SB 1709 Requires the Department of Human Services and State Board of Education to provide technical
assistance for mental health care throughout school days with the goal of increasing the availability and
accessibility of mental health resources for students.

HB = House Bill
SB =Senate Bill