Rare Blue Supermoon Tonight

Rare Blue Supermoon Tonight

Rare Blue Supermoon Tonight

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On August 30, 2023

Clear skies are forecasted for tonight’s blue supermoon! Grab a seat, maybe a Blue Moon 😆🍺, and look to the skies!

At 12 p.m. ET on August 30, the moon will reach the closest point to Earth in its orbit (which is called perigee). After 9 hours and 36 minutes later, as both Space.com and NASA report, it will become full at exactly (you guessed it) 9:36 PM ET.

Thrillist.com explains it best: a supermoon is a fairly rare event and it happens every time a full moon coincides with the moon’s closest position to the Earth. Hence the name “supermoon,” as these full moons are technically larger and brighter than their regular counterparts.

A supermoon, according to EarthSky, exceeds the disk size and brightness of an average full moon by roughly 16%, which is even 30% more when compared to the year’s tiniest full moon.

The term blue moon, as per the official definition introduced by Sky & Telescope in 1946, refers to the second full moon in a calendar month, Space.com points out. This August already witnessed one full moon on August 1, which makes this upcoming one an actual blue moon.

For the full article, visit Thrillist.com.

For greater details and a description of the evening highlights including which planets, stars and constellations will be viewable, visit NASA.gov.