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Recycle Campaign Signs at Village Hall

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On March 18, 2020

ONE LAST ELECTION TO-DO: Recycle those signs!

Every election season, Resident and Recycling Guru P. Denise Israel packs her trunk with these recyclables and brings them to Chicago Logistic Service in Elgin, who in turn ships them to a company that reuses them to for buildings in arid countries. She estimates in the past five years, she has delivered a few thousand pounds of election signs! #shoutout #bigthanks

You, too, can be an active recycler. Drop off those elections signs in front of the Public Works Building here at Village Hall.

Have shoes you don’t want anymore but are still wearable? Deposit them in Village Hall’s Shoe Recycling Bin located in the west-facing lobby.