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VBH Donation to Barrington Township Food Pantry

VBH Donation to Barrington Township Food Pantry

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On October 12, 2021

9th Annual The Hills Are Alive Fall Festival Straw Bales Take on Double Duty

Straw bales placed throughout the hills behind Village Hall not only served as decor at the 9th Annual The Hills Are Alive Fall Festival but were available to residents after the Fest for a $3/bale donation benefitting the Barrington Township Food Pantry.

Earlier today, President Brian Cecola presented Barrington Township Food Pantry with a The Hills Are Alive T-shirt and a donation of $150 from the straw bale proceeds.  Patrice Miller, Barrington Township Food Pantry Coordinator, gladly accepted the monetary donation and thanked all the participants. “Each of your purchases of straw bales will help us stock our Food Pantry with fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and meats. The Food Pantry is maintained with a combination of monetary donations, food drives from various organizations and churches, and donations of food purchased for the pantry by local residents,” said Miller.

“The Food Pantry is an easy way for area residents to give back to their community by helping those in need. The Pantry is very appreciative of everyone’s support and ability to volunteer so I encourage our residents to contribute to this worthwhile cause,” said President Cecola.

Barrington Township has maintained a Food Pantry since the 1950s to help needy families in the area get through “lean” times. Today, the Pantry serves residents of the Township who qualify for assistance based on financial need. In Barrington Township, 4.5% or approximately 700 residents fall into this category.

The Barrington Township Food Pantry is in the process of obtaining 501(3)(c) tax status with the IRS and has recently registered as a non-profit corporation with the State of Illinois. Anyone can donate through financial gifts or purchased food. Every month their webpage (barringtontownship.com/food-pantry) is updated with their current needs. Expired food or food that is from a “move out” or “clean out” of a resident’s home is not accepted.

Please contact Patrice Miller, Coordinator of the Food Pantry at patricemiller@barringtontownship.com or call 847-381-5632 for more information.