Become Salt Smart!

Become Salt Smart!

Become Salt Smart!

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On January 19, 2024

BACOG (Barrington Area Council of Governments) is committed to protecting our groundwater and has been working to determine the quantity, quality, vulnerability, and sustainability of our area’s water supply since 2001.

During this winter season, residents are asked to be mindful of our area’s water supply when salting roads and pavements.

  • Did you know it takes one teaspoon of salt to permanently pollute five gallons of water?
  • Did you know that salt doesn’t work when pavement temperatures drop below 15°?
  • Did you know that a 12-ounce cup full of salt is enough to treat an average 20-foot driveway?
  • Did you know you can sweep up excess salt and reuse it?
What can you do instead?

Become knowledgeable by reading BACOG’s post, Be Salt Smart This Winter, and put into practice what you learned. Don’t forget to share your salt smarts with family, neighbors, friends and contractors!

Choose a safer deicer. The Environmental Protection Agency created a list of “Safer Choice-Certified” deicer products. check it out by following the link, EPA’s Safer Choice Deicer Products.

BACOG’s water resources initiative is well described on its website. Here’s the link: Protecting the Region’s Water Supply: Groundwater.

Graphic: Lake County Health Dept.