Possible Icy Conditions

Possible Icy Conditions

Possible Icy Conditions

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On February 22, 2023

Our area may experience a wintry mix of ice and snow this afternoon and into the evening. Aesthetically, it can be beautiful but what does this mean?

It may mean experiencing a power outage. Power outages should be reported directly to your energy provider. If your provider is ComEd, report the outage immediately:
  • Online
  • Subscribe to Outage Alerts to report an outage via text.  Text “ADD OUTAGE” to 26633 to enroll and then text “OUT” to 26633.
  • Dial 800-334-7661 
  • ComEd’s mobile app

Residents can sign up to receive alerts via text, email, voice alerts or ComEd’s mobile app. When preparing for an outage, ComEd recommends using flashlights and to avoid using candles or kerosene lamps as these may create a safety hazard. Have the following items ready:

  • Flashlights
  • Fresh batteries
  • Battery-operated clock radio
  • Fully charged cell phone and laptop/tablet
  • Non-perishable foods and pet food
  • Water: one gallon of bottled water per person, per day without electric service. If your home is served by well water, fill a bathtub with water for sanitation purposes and to manually flush toilets. 
  • Blankets
  • Full tank of gas or a fully charged electric vehicle
  • First aid kit

For a full list, follow the link FEMA Emergency Preparedness Checklist.
For additional information on outage readiness and safety, visit ComEd’s page Outage Readiness & Safety.

ROADWAY CONCERNS should be reported directly to Quadcom Dispatch: 847-428-8784. 

It may be instinct to call Village Hall during business hours to report a slick road or a tree down, but what happens after hoursAlways call Quadcom Dispatch regardless of the day or time of day: 847-428-8784. 

Quadcom ensures the safety of our roads. 

Residents are reminded to drive according to weather conditions.

Our Village has the word Hills in its name for a reason. Yes, we do have hills. When driving in wintery conditions, please adjust your speed. Be cautious when driving on a hilly road, approaching intersections, bridges, and shady areas as these are all prone to icing. You never know when you’ll have to suddenly break or hit an icy patch. 

It is recommended to refrain from using cruise control in snowy and icy conditions, and allow for extra travel time. 

Always follow the law by wearing your seat belt and putting down handheld devices.