Congratulations CSO Walsh

Congratulations CSO Walsh

Congratulations CSO Walsh

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On June 7, 2024

At the Board of Trustees’ meeting, Community Service Officer (CSO)/Public Information Officer (PIO) William Walsh was recognized for his exemplary initiative and perseverance in the DNA identification of the victim of a 1979 unsolved homicide case.  This was a remarkable achievement that brought closure to the victim’s family after so many years.

Chief Colditz shared the case history and how it became CSO/PIO Walsh’s undertaking, highlighting that Walsh wears many hats in the Department. Walsh graciously accepted the recognition plaque together with an award bar signifying that of which he was a recipient, thanking Chief Colditz for his kind words, adding:

I am thankful to be in this position and do this for the Village.  It’s definitely a career highlight and I appreciate the opportunities that allowed me to do this.

CSO/PIO William Walsh

Congratulations Officer Walsh! We’re lucky to have you!

To hear the full presentation, follow the audio link for the May 28, 2024 Board of Trustees Meeting.

L-R: Chief Colditz, CSO Walsh
L-R: Chief Coldtiz, President Cecola, CSO Walsh