Operation Overlord AKA D-Day

Operation Overlord AKA D-Day

Operation Overlord AKA D-Day

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On June 6, 2024

Operation Overlord – June 6, 1944, has gone down in history known as D-Day,  remembered for the sacrifices made that day by 73,000 brave American Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, Sailors, Soldiers and Marines who joined allied forces in the name of freedom.

Today, we observe its 80th anniversary. As stated in President Biden:  May we honor their heroism, which liberated a continent and saved the world.  And may we recommit to the future they fought and which many died for.

Let us honor their sacrifice by never forgetting.

Take the freedom afforded to you by these heroes to search out their stories, explore related media and learn about D-Day and what it means to the world.


Many explanations have been given for the meaning of D-Day, June 6, 1944, the day the Allies invaded Normandy from England during World War II. The Army has said that it is “simply an alliteration, as in H-Hour.” Others say the first D in the word also stands for “day,” the term a code designation. The French maintain the D means “disembarkation,” still others say “debarkation,” and the more poetic insist D-Day is short for “day of decision.” When someone wrote to General Eisenhower in 1964 asking for an explanation, his executive assistant Brigadier General Robert Schultz answered: “General Eisenhower asked me to respond to your letter. Be advised that any amphibious operation has a ‘departed date’; therefore the shortened term ‘D-Day’ is used.” (army.mil/d-day/)