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October 28 – National First Responders Day!

October 28 – National First Responders Day!

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On October 27, 2020

Happy National First Responders Day!


October 28, National First Responders Day, recognizes the heroic men and women who put their life on the line to serve the public at large. These are individuals with specialized training that arrive first on the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster or even to help change a flat tire.

“I am so proud to support our local police department, firefighters and EMS workers who willingly make whatever sacrifices the job calls for be it day, night, weekday or weekend. I extend my gratitude not just to these public servants but to their families, whose support enables our first responders to protect our families,” said President McLaughlin.

Coincidentally, October 28, is also NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY! Milk chocolate, dark chocolate or mint melt-a-ways…always a tasty way to say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!👍😁

For those wanting to express their gratitude, VBHPD is open 8 AM to 4 PM and Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District, while open 24 hours, it’s best 8 AM – 5 PM.

Another option to show your support is to donate to a charity, such as 100 Club of Chicago, which provides for the families of all sworn federal, state, county and local first responders in Cook, Lake and McHenry Counties, who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Visit their webpage for more information: 100clubchicago.org.


make a donation to Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, a nonprofit that is dedicated to fire safety, burn prevention, and supporting burn survivors. Funds are raised throughout the year to develop and distribute fire safety/burn prevention materials and to host burn survivor support programs. More information can be found at ifsa.org.