When to Call Police Dispatch

When to Call Police Dispatch

When to Call Police Dispatch

  • Posted by Barrington Hills
  • On January 22, 2024

Our area is forecasted to experience a possible wintery mix with slippery travel and a glaze of ice. These conditions may result in possible hazardous situations. Our residents are the eyes and ears of the community and we thank them for reporting these possible conditions. It is important to know who to call.

If Village Hall receives after-hour voice mails, messages are heard the next business day. All too often messages are left on the weekend regarding situations that should be reported directly to police dispatch, i.e. a possible road hazard, a questionable power line, etc.

To ensure a timely response, always call Quadcom Police Dispatch at 847-428-8784 where dispatchers are available 24 hours, seven (7) days a week. Residents are encouraged to call QuadCom whenever they have a safety concernand no, it is not a bother. In fact, Police Chief Joseph Colditz encourages residents to do so and not to hesitate.

Remember, if you have an emergency, always dial 911.

Call QuadCom for:
  • Safety hazards including but not limited to:
    • Road Conditions
    • Downed Power Lines (Remember: a residential utility outage needs to be reported directly to your service provider. If it’s ComEd, follow the link Power Outages.)
    • Low-Hanging/Downed Trees
    • Obstructed View, either a sign or at an intersection, etc.
    • Accidents

  • Stray/Lost Animal
  • Driver may need assistance
  • Well-Being Check
  • Police Assistance
  • Suspicious Activity

As always, drivers are asked to proceed according to weather conditions. In wintery/icy conditions, please drive with caution, leaving ample space between you and the vehicles around you, and allowing more time to get to your destination.